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‘Criminal silence’ of world over Ramban killings condemnable: Malik

Kashmir Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement on Saturday strongly condemned the ‘criminal silence’ of the world civil societies over brutal killing of people in Ramban district of Jammu region on Thursday.

“Today Kashmiris are being subjected to worst kind of state terrorism, we are being killed with impunity, our religious sentiments are being hurt, but the world with its tall claims of humanity, democracy, religious harmony and human rights remains silent spectators”, Malik said.

Yasin Malik said that world is doing this criminal act to safeguard its trade and economic interests with India but these people must bear in mind that continuously pushing a nation to the wall will yield nothing but disaster that will shatter the dreams of trade, economy construction and development.

Lashing out at Indian leaders, security forces, and national media, Malik said that they have biased attitude against Muslims and Kashmiris, to cover up the crime committed by Border Security Force (BSF) personnel in Ramban. He termed it as an act of ‘state terrorism’.

Yasin Malik also strongly condemned the curfew politics of so called rulers and said that in this holy month of Ramadan Kashmiri Muslims who have and are showing hospitality to Hindu Yatris, are being denied to offering prayers.

Pertinently, Malik along with few other leaders is in police custody for last two days since the time he was arrested while marching towards city centre Lal Chowk.