Cyber War Continues – Pakistani Hackers Hacked more Indian Sites

The retaliation seems heavier than Indians expected because constantly since last friday daily nearly around 50 – 100 Indian Sites are Hacked in which several listed in previous posts were Indian Official Site, Just now another Hacked !

This is what appears on the site


Message: we warn again and again don’t try to mess with us this is just a  demo if they hacked or abuse our religion we make their cyber space hell -_-

I think there should be justification from both ends, else what it appears that list is gonna get longer and sites will cause the damage economically / financially and If Indian Hackers retaliated than Pakistani Official Sites are on RED LIST !

Lets hope for the best that this Cyber War ends on some conclusion Message is simple , RESPECT others belief and don’t mess with it else it comes keyboard freaking game for hackers while those who suffer due to it are victims.

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