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Dehli Gang rape complete story

The incident that wide spread the spark of outrage across the world was the Delhi gang rape of a 23 years old girl. The world is encompassed with immense grief as the victim died despite the various efforts to bring her back to the life. The rape done is not for sex but to display how powerful evil minds are in one’s society. Rape represents the weakness of a society which fails to protect their daughters, sisters, friends and mothers.

The brutal incident that terrified the world occurred on 16th December, 2011. Innocent victim along with her male friend were on their way back home after movie “Life of Pi”. They were travelling through local transport ‘bus” when 6 men approached the girl and harassed her. The brave girl reacted back and was gang raped brutally. The process didn’t end here but the men beat her and her male friend very hard with iron bars. Later, they were thrown away from the moving vehicle. The male friend kept seeking the help but despite several cars and bikes on streets no one bothered coming near them to provide assistance. Later, someday called the police and which again took several minutes to reach to take the girl to the hospital. The guy’s leg was fractured and also experienced serious injuries.

After 10 days of her treatment in hospital in New Delhi, the victim was then taken to Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore for the treatments of crucial intestinal injuries. The hospital specializes in multi-organ transplants as the victim was in critical conditions which were turning worse.

Dr. Kevin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth hospital, said in a statement “Despite all efforts by a team of eight specialists in Mount Elizabeth Hospital to keep her stable, her condition continued to deteriorate over these two days,” Loh said. “She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain. She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome.” (Huffing post, 2012)

The victim was brutally raped as the rapists inserted iron rod into the woman’s body which caused severe organ damage. The women body couldn’t stand the wild attacks and was both emotionally and physically injured. But despite several efficaciously effective treatments, the victim died on Sunday 30th December, 2012.

Her family was shocked at hearing the news of her death, her brother spoke out about her bravery and said “She was very strong. She always said one should never bear atrocities but fight against it.

‘While she was admitted in hospital, she told me that she fought back as hard as she could. She was defending herself by beating and biting them”

‘She thrashed them and kicked them too. They were boiling in anger by her defense so they decided to kill her. She told me that they were murmuring ‘maar do ise’ (kill her). They threw her considering she was dead.’ (Daily Mail, 2013)

The couple was supposed to get marry in Feb; the victim’s brother also told that ‘The boy was equally courageous like my sister. She told me that he guarded her until he became unconscious.’ The victim’s brother and family haven’t slept since the incident took place.

The frightening nature of the crime gave the entire world a shock. Hundreds and thousands of people demonstrated protests against the horrific gang rape. They shed light upon the unsafe women life in India. According to a report, last year alone 600 rape cases were reported in India. Public busted out openly against the security measure which has made the life of women very unsafe and vulnerable.

23 year old girl lost her life after she was brutally attack by the lusty men. Revealing the name of the gang rape victim, her father tells the world how innocent his daughter was and there is no shame in disclosing her name. “Joyti Singh Pandey”  the brave girl who in the middle of night didn’t give up her values and fought against 6 wild men who approached her to gang rape her.

Speaking to British Newspaper her father stated that “We want the world to know her real name,” Badri Singh Pandey, 53, told The People, a Sunday paper in London owned by the company that publishes The Mirror.

“My daughter didn’t do anything wrong. She died while protecting herself. I am proud of her. Revealing her name will give courage to other women who have survived these attacks. They will find strength from my daughter.”

Before disclosing the victim’s name Indian media were using her by various names such as “India’s Daughter,” “Nirbhaya,” “Abhaya,” and “Amaanat” (an Urdu word meaning “treasure), according to the Hindustan Times.

The family believes that fight has just begun as they want the accused to be hanged and set legal unprecedented laws. People all over the world have raised their voices against it, Indian celebrities have also openly condemned the inhumane gang rape. Various platforms have been used to send across the message of women safety in India. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been approached to condemn the brutal gang rape.

Five men have been charged with the both rape and murder of the woman. The sixth suspect is below the age 18 and will be tried as a juvenile. Whole country is against them but one advocate is approached by their families to defend them. Whereas many other lawyers refused to do so as they believe this is extremely heinous act and we are the human beings who can’t stand such injuries to our women. Indian authorities believe that all are equal before law therefore the suspects have the right to hire lawyer as how the trial would be considered fair? Six men are kept in Tihar prison under tight security. Out of six, 3 are accused with rape and abduction charges, if convicted, the suspects would face the death penalty

The Indian people are filled with grief and anger over the incident; also they show little faith in elected leaders and judicial system which is very slow and uncooperative most of the times.  Entire public wants “all six men to die” so that people should fear from committing this crime again.

Indian government is taking measures against the rapes in India. New rape law is being named after “Joyati Singh Pandey” to honor her bravery.

India’s Junior Education Minister Shashi Tharoor wrote on his micro-blogging site that, “Unless her parents object, she should be honoured and the revised anti-rape law named after her. She was a human being with a name, not just a symbol,”

Social activist and former police officer Kiran Bedi supported Mr Tharoor’s idea.

“Many of the American laws… which have been made to perpetuate the memory or the suffering of the victim, only to remember that this is what happened and this is the spirit behind the law… I think it’s a good idea,” Reuters quoted her as saying.

The women in India continue to march for the protection of women in India, many holding placards calling for an end to sexual assaults on women.

“We are marching to create awareness among people that women should be respected. Because a woman is a mother, a woman is a sister, she is a wife and she is a daughter,” Juhi Khan, a member of the National Commission for Women said.

According to a recent report, women in Delhi are raped every 14 hours. In order to protect women, government has started the police patrols, checks on bus drivers and their assistants and starting 24-hour helpline number 181 which will be exclusively for the women in Delhi.  The helpline connected with all the 185 police stations of Delhi.

Demonstrators hold candles during a candlelight vigil for a gang rape victim who was assaulted in New Delhi

The demonstration of protests is high in spirits as they claim that women are treated as second-class citizen. The government is making sure to provide justice to 23 years old gang rape victim by proving the six men guilty.