A Chinese man has grown a new nose on his forehead

Surgeons at a hospital will transplant a new nose grown on a patient’s forehead to his nasal spot in Fuzhou City, east China’s Fujian Province.

The patient, nicknamed “Xiaolian,” 22, suffered a severe nasal trauma in a serious car accident in August 2012.

Nose on forehead

He just received basic medical remedy rather than a plastic surgery out of financial concerns following the accident.

After months, however, his condition was infected due to absence of surgery and his nasal cartilage started to be corroded, making it impossible for surgeons to do nasal reconstruction.

Doctors Research :-

However, surgeons came up with an idea of growing a nose on Xiaolian’s forehead — a medical practice never tried in the world.

The way is to grow the nose by placing a skin tissue expander onto Xiaolian’s forehead, cutting it into the shape of a nose and planting a cartilage taken from his ribs.

Doctors are very happy to give Xiaolian’s a new life to  began with his  sense  of smelling  .

Xiaolian’s friends parents and other colleges are also very exited for his new life and also hoping very best wishes to him for his new life .

They then planted cartilage taken from his ribs to mould the nose.

The surgeons said the new nose is in good shape and the transplant surgery could be performed soon.

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