It happened in an instant. Lighting hit a tree during the Orlando University High School football game’s halftime.

The crack echoed, but it isn’t until video footage of what happened is slowed down — parent Jeffrey King was filming the marching band’s halftime show — that you see just how scary the lightning strike was.

orlando high school lightning strike

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the shocking event occurred at the game against Boone High School on Friday.

“We all ran for cover,” Bob Jones, father of a Boone player, told the Sentinel. “The weather was great and it hit with no warning. Friday the 13th was a crazy night.”

No one was hurt in the incident, but fans had to wait out the game for an hour afterward, only to have it officially ended by refs with the halftime score of 14-7, in favor of Orlando University High School.

People scream after the thunderous crack, but the band, although perhaps startled, continues to march in formation as the football players run to the locker room and others appear to leave the stands for cover.

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