#KarachiAirportAttack Updates ..

#KarachiAirportAttack continues on after 2 hours,  It has been confirmed that  4 Planes of PIA, Air Blue & a other int’l airlines have been damaged in the attack on Karachi  Airport.

The Attacker continue gun battle with security forces at #Karachi airport after even after 2 hours of the attack.

The Chief Minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah reached Karachi Airport, Instead of paying attention on Militants, Security forces are taking care of him as well.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari condemned the barbaric terror attacks at #Karachi airport


The exact time of the attack  11:20 pm ( PST ) until now Security forces hasn’t succeed in tackling those terrorists, meanwhile  Intelligence agencies already informed Governor Sindh about This attack earlier today but no action were taken .

Corp commander & DG Rangers leading Anti terrorist operation at #Karachi airport .

Terrorists had ‘inside support from the airport’,say intel sources. – very alarming ….

The attackers are #TTP ( Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ) , who also carried out attacks on Naval Base PNS Mehran .

The Militants are very organized and in groups, There are rumors  that,  the militants has captured plane filled with Passenger,

Media Personals are not allowed on the Airport, However Live Transmission is giving double help to the terrorists inside the airport.



Firing continues as commandos, rangers continue operation inside Karachi airport


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