Malala Discharged from the Hospital – living at undisclosed location

Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani teenager who was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman has been temporarily discharged from a hospital in the United Kingdom and will continue to rehabilitate at  NEW home.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, where the Pakistani government flew her to in mid-October, will bring her back in a few weeks to perform major surgery on her skull.

Malala, 15, will stay at her family’s temporary home in an undisclosed in the West Midlands, the hospital said in a statement

“She is still due to be readmitted in late January or early February to undergo cranial reconstructive surgery as part of her long-term recovery, and, in the meantime, she will visit the hospital regularly to attend clinical appointments,” the hospital added.

BBC reported that West Midlands Police will continue to work with the Birmingham hospital and Malala’s family “to provide support and liaison as Malala recuperates from her injuries.”

The Pakistani government is reportedly paying for all of her medical treatment and for the house she and her family, including two brothers, is staying in.

Her father got a job in Birmingham and entire family got colorful passports, which makes her no longer Pakistani?

is she still going to be rewarded as ” The Daughter of Pakistan ” . Think again !

When I published 3 months back, I was criticized by the majority giving the title ” Malala Mystery ” now I am asking again after 3 month, since she has been discharged from hospital, is she coming back to Pakistan ever? I seriously don’t get the hype which was created 3 months back.

Pakistani Government is paying for the expenses, that I can understand a little bit but what about the President Zardari funded 10 Million US Dollars in Paris Conference, who’s money was it? 10 million Dollars???

Do you really understand this mystery, well if you do share your comments I am interested to know the facts and the figures regarding Ma lalala…

Farhan Imaan


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