March In March Australia 2014

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is turning Australia into America that’s what some Aussies’ say.

“March In March” protest rallies took place in various cities across Australia recently in which thousands of people showed solidarity and united for the causes which effect the entire of Australia.

Australian PM Abbott doesn’t seem serious about climate change and a whole range of other issues that a lot of the Australian public are concerned about.

However, the motive of “March in March” was totally ignored by nearly all of the mainstream media channels in Australia, where as the Australian PM mentioned people who united for various concerns and causes were like “Hippies” –  that’s awful .

To help you understand more specifically, what  “March in March” Australia is all about – before you read more about the petitions and watch the video (video courtesy of Perth’s West TV Ltd. (WTV) which is Western Australia’s first and only free-to-air digital community television – footage is from the peaceful “March In March” protest held in Perth, Western Australia that was aired live last Sunday) have a read of flyer written by one of the protesters from the “March in March” held in Brisbane, Queensland.



March in March Perth 2014

 LIVE WTV coverage during the march through the streets of Perth.

Once you Google  March In March Australia 2014 you will find  these Petitions, In one of the petition by Australians mentioned – Australian Abbott government wants to make boycotts illegal

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The Abbott government wants to make boycotts illegal — criminalising our ability to hold corporations to account when they jeopardise our health or our environment. We can’t let them get away with this.

Sign the petition now to tell the Australian government not to criminalise consumer boycotts.

Under the proposed law, it would be illegal to call on another individual or company to boycott a product because it was unsafe or destroying the environment. It’s explicitly designed to silence groups like Greenpeace and SumOfUs — with Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck saying that he is “very concerned” about what environmental groups were doing, and wants to stop them. Landmark campaigns like those that have saved Tasmania’s forests and challenged live animal exports would suddenly be illegal.

We can’t let this attack on free speech and environmental protection go unchallenged. Senator Colbeck hasn’t committed to the new law yet — he’s testing the waters to see what reaction he gets. Let’s come together now to demand the Abbott government drops this crazy assault on our rights.

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In an other Petition in which Australian ( Aussies ) Rejecting Abbott’s Government

Tony Abbott

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the Governor General: We Reject Tony Abbott and the LNP

This is a statement of non-confidence.

We the people of Australia do hereby firmly reject the Abbott Government and the Liberal National Party as our ruling body. We do not condone any of its actions henceforth, nor do we accept its values as our own.

We strongly implore the Governor General of Australia to dismiss the LNP Government before serious damage is done to Australia as a nation.

The Federal and State LNP Governments are poised on the brink of inflicting irrevocable damage on the Nation.

Just days after the election, the LNP Government had already removed several key, and crucially important ministers from the Cabinet. Among these were the ministers for Science, Mental Health, Aged Care and Disabilities. Insultingly, they have been replaced with a minister for Sport.

Furthermore, just 100 days into the Abbott regime, we have become the first nation to attempt to repeal actions against the Climate Change, have been slammed with human rights abuses for our Asylum Seeker Detention Centres including children being separated from their parents, the sick being denied medication and asylum seekers being imprisoned for unacceptable amounts of time, and have had the very last bastion of free journalism in Australia (the ABC) threatened with budget cuts because they do not say what the LNP want them to say!

We simply cannot sit by idly while our Country is ravaged in this fashion. Everything that we have built these many long years is now at risk as the LNP dissect Australia and sell her vital organs for profit.

Too much is at stake!

Tony Abbott and his cronies have made it blatantly clear that they do not care about you or your country, and will do whatever they can to make sure that the rich become richer while the poor become poorer. They will exploit every natural resource they can find, regardless of the damage they do to both humans and nature, and they will strip away our rights if they see fit to do so.

They do not represent our views, and we must show them that they do not represent us.

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There’s a March in March  Australia 2014  Facebook Page :-

About March in March

March in March

You don’t need to be from a certain political persuasion to disagree with this government’s numerous harmful policies. In fact, you don’t need to have ever been politically inclined. That is what is so special about this unity – we’re all people, from all political persuasions coming together to march against what is so glaringly and frighteningly wrong.

– Leesa

Sara Graham I’m totally for more marches and growing momentum but we need to put our hands up to help out the organisers on this. And some crowd sourced funding for publicity wouldn’t go astray. Awesome job done organising this MiM peeps. I’ll be back on the streets in a heartbeat.

Wendy Martin I would just like to thank the organizers of MiM for giving me the oportunity to stand with others and express my disgust at the present government. Thank you so very much.

March in March
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March In March Australia 2014 is an eye opening protests generally for the public awareness about the concerned issues which are being ignored by the Abbott’s Government – There are no Left, Right or Center people ! It is about the Unity solidarity and Homeland Australia.

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