Modi as The Most Stupid Prime Ministers in the World

Google once again targeted the Indian Prime Minister ” Narendra Damodardas Modi ” as  ‘The Most Stupid Prime Ministers in the World’.

The globally popular search engine ” GOOGLE ” included the Indian Prime Minister under its list of ‘The Most Stupid Prime Ministers In The World’. The search ‘India’s most stupid Prime Minister’ on Google Images search result , also shows PM Narendra Modi in results.

The height of happiness among Pakistanis can’t be explained on this search result, Search Term went viral on Facebook and Twitter instantly and people started searching ” The Most Stupid Prime Ministers in the World “

Stupid Prime Ministers

The list also includes Thailand’s ex-prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, among others.Many Indians might not agree with that, since they think Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister the country has had in recent times and have encouraged his ambitious visions for the country. Ever since Modi has assumed power, he has enacted important deals and undertaken crucial ventures with world powers to bring investment and prosperity in India.

This is not the first time that Google has had a fix with Prime Minister Modi. Earlier, the tech giant placed Narendra Modi under Top 10 Criminals of the world that resulted in an outrage on social media.


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