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jordan parliament

MP fires AK-47 during parliament session – Jordan

An MP in Jordan has been charged with attempted murder after trying to shoot another politician with an AK-47 during a session in parliament.

A Jordanian MP was arrested after firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle in parliament at a colleague on Tuesday, without causing injuries, judicial and parliamentary sources said.

“The prosecutor general of Amman on Tuesday ordered the detention for 15 days of Talal al-Sharif after he opened fire on MP Qusay al-Damissi in the Chamber of Deputies building,” said the judicial source.

“He faces charges including attempted murder, possession of unlicenced firearms and resisting the security forces,” she added.

The argument broke out in Jordan’s parliament on Sunday between Damissi and another member, Yahia al-Saud.

Video footage emerged showing Damissi removing his shoes and Saud his belt during the dispute, which flared due to differences over parliamentary procedure, before they were separated. Shots were then fired outside the chamber, clearly audible on the footage.

jordan parliamentjordan parliament

Source : telegraph

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