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Mumbai attacks an Inside job, says Indian official

A former Indian home ministry official has disclosed that the Indian government, and not Pakistan, was behind the parliament (13/12, 2001) and Mumbai (26/11 2008) attacks in India.

According to the shocking (or not so shocking for some) revelation, India orchestrated the terrorist attacks in order to empower terrorism and counter-terrorism laws in the country and put the blame on Pakistan-based militant groups.

The Times Of India cites, “R V S Mani, who as home ministry under-secretary signed the affidavits submitted in court in the alleged encounter case, has said that Satish Verma, until recently a part of the CBI-SIT probe team, told him that both the terror attacks were set up “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation.”

The news would probably come as a scandalous revelation to many, but it has been a part of several conspiracy theories surrounding, especially, the terrorist siege of Mumbai.

When Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving attacker, was captured and investigated by authorities, a lot of people (in Pakistan mostly) rejected the fact that he belonged to Lashkar-e-Taiba or if he was a Pakistani at all.

The following probe interview was conducted in 2011 and served as evidence for all conspiracy theories saying Kasab was not a Pakistani, instead he was a Hindu ‘puppet’ used by the Indian government to frame Pakistan as a terrorist country.

Many people pointed out that the so-called Lashkar-e-Taiba militant used the word ‘Bhagwan’

But it was not just the Indian government who was adamant that Kasab belonged to Pakistan. Several Pakistani media organizations were also quick to report that the Mumbai attacker hailed from a remote village in the country.

This revelation by RVS Mani, if it turns out to be true, can be quite an embarrassment for the Indian government who had up until now been very vocal against Pakistan and its inability to tackle terrorism.

Indeed targeting, shooting and bombing one’s own people for ‘effective’ counter-terror legislation are also a form of terrorism

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