Surprising snowfall shocking in Egypt after 100 years

Against all odds, the levels of snowfall which enclosed parts of Egypt on Friday will need Egyptians to drop the long-held saying that their homeland is rainy but moderately hot in winter.

numerous Cairo citizens woke up to glimpse snowfall from their windows, an odd spectacle in a homeland where precipitation of this kind is a rarity.

Over the past two days, rain has lashed components of the homeland.

The roads, flower beds and houses of upscale developments on the outskirts of Cairo were covered with levels of snowfall.

“It’s the first time I glimpse snow,” Samar Salah, a 21-year-old Cairo resident.

“Despite feeling freezing, persons were very excited about the snow,” she said.

Salah said some services were paralyzed this forenoon due to the climate.

“I didn’t find any transport to proceed to work today,” she said. “Many stores were closed too due to climate conditions,” Salah added.

Other suburbs of the capital furthermore saw lightweight snowfall, inhabitants described.

administration in the Mediterranean towns of Alexandria, Suez and Damietta determined to extend the closure of the docks due to bad climate situation.

Ali Qutb, an official at the meteorological center, told Al Arabiya News a similar cold break hit Egypt couple of years before but did not result in snowfall.

“The fall in temperatures between 5 and 11 degrees Celsius is what did not happen in years,” said Qutb.

“The go under in temperatures is what initiated rainfall escorted with snow in some areas,” he added.

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