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Grow up before It’s Too Late

When I was very young, I had so many things in my mind. I wanted to play cricket, kung fu was my passion and I was even fond of gymnastics. But my father never appreciated me in these activities. He wanted me to pursue my educational activities rather than participating in other extracurricular activities. Neither he had stopped me nor he had appreciated me in a well warm manner. I used to think a lot about his inexplicable behavior.

I still remember his words “Do not waste your time.” But I never understood. I kept wasting my time in such short term activities. Actually I don’t think that one should not participate in extracurricular activities but the thing is “Excess of anything is bad” and one day it becomes “Worst”.
Now I realize, now I understand, what he was trying to convey. Today I have entered that particular part of life in which one has to stand on his own. He has no more time to waste. He feels the responsibility and feels the upcoming challenges. So now I realize that I had a very immature mind set when I was fond of kung fu, cricket or things like that. And I realize that my father and my elders were actually reacting in a very optimistic way. They knew that those things belong to me for a short time period and they are not a part of my field. Today I understand that I wasn’t living in the real world. I was imaginary and immature. But time gives you the experience and experience shows you the real world.
Actually this story does not only belong to me. It actually belongs to everyone. Everyone has such stories and experience. But the only thing that matters is “Your understanding towards your responsibilities. The sooner you understand, the better you survive.” My dear, Life is very short and we have to grow up as soon as we can. May Allah show us the right path. (Aameen)

Muhammad Noman

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