HOW TO LEAD  – “Understanding” is the most important thing in human behavior. When a child comes to life, he has nothing in his mind, no rules, no destiny, and no concept of being “Human”. Then what does he do to Understand the things around him? He uses the one and only way i-e “Follow”. Yes! He follows others in order to understand them. He follows their way of communication, learns their language, their ways of living and one day he becomes one of them. Then he starts thinking as they do, he reacts as they do, he pretends as they do. It’s all because they led him this way. It is in human nature that we communicate to understand each other and in order to understand each other we use a medium of communication that is called “Language”.

West had understood this human nature early in 18th century. They played their cards well and forced us to follow them in order to Understand them. That is why when Mughals were very much busy in their architectures and the Ottoman Empire was itself nearly to be an example of “Divide and rule”, west had already undertaken this human nature. They had started studying it and they were working on it. The first objective was to build up bigger and smarter institutes of education. Thus so many universities and uncountable institutes were formed in the west. They were organized in a way to ensure endless opportunities, not only for their youth but also for the whole world. It was a part of the plan to attract the world. Their way of education involved promotion of their culture and thoughts. They believed in “Divide and rule” so they continued to implement it especially in the eastern countries.

No doubt they did their best and they won. Soon they were on the top. People from all around the world were travelling to west to inhale their education opportunities and they were even ready to accept their culture and thoughts.  On the other side they had introduced an economic system to trap the whole world, a world which was already following them. So it became a need for the world to accept their systems and thoughts as they had convinced the whole world on the basis of their achievements and glory.

Their culture, way of living, education system and achievements in each and every field, dominated and the world admitted it. Thus it became essential for everyone to learn English language. This is why, in sub-continent, one is thought to be more educated and well matured if he is good in English language.

Today we as Pakistanis are in deep trouble. We are still their slaves. The key factor of their success wasn’t anything else than promotion of their own culture, civilization and the foremost thing “their language”. How can we think of being leaders while we are still following others! The first thing we must understand is that we must promote our own culture and ideology. Now as we know that our ideology is Islam, Quran. So how can you aspect a pure Islamic civilization without understand your book “Quran”. And to understand Quran, you must learn Arabic language. There are less than 1% people in Pakistan who learn Arabic language. The second thing is “to promote” and to promote; you will have to follow your own book and religion.

When we will start following our own ideology, language and culture. We will surely be able to prove ourselves. Then it will become their need to accept OUR culture and language. This is how they had capitalized the whole world.

If you think I am wrong then let’s see the statistics of China. Today China has become a super power. It has the biggest population but still its literacy rate is getting better day by day. They don’t follow English language. They don’t even follow social networks like facebook, twitter, not even youtube. They have their own systems, culture and trends. Now the world is willing to know them. Chinese has become 2nd most growing language in popularity.  This is all because they are not followers, they are leaders and they are consistently leading their culture and moral values. And this is the actual thing which will make them Leaders of the World.

We believe that Islam is the only proper way of living then why we are still in dark! Why don’t we follow our own religion, language and culture! Why are we still in trap! The government of Pakistan must promote Urdu and Arabic languages more than English. I don’t recommend anyone to leave English aside but I think priority must be given to things, related to us. We must demand our government to make the Arabic language compulsory for each and every Pakistani. Then we’ll be able to understand the golden ethics of Quran. This is a major step to change these corrupt systems including economic and electoral systems. And we can’t change anything unless we don’t understand “Quran”. That’s it! This is “How to Lead”.

How to Lead

By :  Muhammad Noman (Facebook)

INCPak Team (

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