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There was a time when people used to help each other in every field. But now the things have changed. Man has become so much busy in his daily life. One has a “To Do” list in his mind when he wakes up in the morning. He rushes towards it and in the end of day he comes up with another “To Do” list. He doesn’t have time to spend for someone, for something. In old times people used to sit in a very warm environment along with their families to spend some time together. It used to be a very motivational gathering for up growing children. But in this modern era, we have lost the spirit of assistance.

Few days ago I was watching TV when I saw a young boy, hanging out through the window of State Life building in Karachi. The news caster told that the boy was there to be interviewed for a job but suddenly fire took over the building and he had no way out. So he hung out of the window to find some kind of rescue facility. And after few minutes he was actually rescued by death! The media was giving full coverage to the story. So many people were out there to watch the whole scene but none of them came up to help that yowling creature. He held there for a long time but no one stepped up to save his life. At last “AZRAEL (the angel of death)” had to help him.

I had only one word in my mind “WHY”. Why didn’t anyone try to save his life? Is this what we are? Weren’t those cameramen human beings? Oh GOD! Here is the judgment day!

Today we have lost the spirit of assistance and the reason is that our lives have turned into a deep hollow quarry. Every young person is taught to seek knowledge for status, food and money. Moral values of society, culture, have been rolled over. In my opinion spirit of assistance must be the most prominent quality in a HUMAN BEING. This spirit must be retrieved. May ALLAH bless us with true faith and spirit of assistance.  (Aameen)

Muhammad Noman

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