Technology Battle

Samsung or Iphone or Google who gonna win the technology battle??
You all are very much familiar with the current battle going on between The Korean based company Samsung and the U.S based company Apple. Recently Samsung has lost $1 billion against apple in a law suit filed by Apple for infringement against Samsung in U.S.A. which afterwards also ban some of the products of Sammy in U.S.A. Off course this was the biggest win for Apple against Samsung, and this really hurt Samsung. Afterwards in office memo Samsung wrote to its employees that surely this was the loss for the American customers as they will going to pay more dollars for a crap product. Apple also wrote the memo to its employees featuring a high company win and morale boosting statements.
Sammy now a days is preparing a law suit against apple I phone 5 for infringement on 8 basis including 4G LTE connectivity as one of them. So Sammy has to think many times a times before putting a case on Apple. It Is also worth mentioning that Samsung won many cases againt Apple in Countries other than U.S.A but these were not highlighted in news so much that U.S.A defeat was highlighted. It is also worth mentioning that Apple is only able to win in U.S.A because of the home advantage and because U.S.A govt want to protect Iphone because of increased tax revenues.

Recently Motorola and Google also plans to file a case against Apple regarding infringement, and I think this will be a huge case in the history of technology. If Apple is going to loose that case it will be huge shock for Iphone and sales of Iphone may also be banned in some countries

Any how Iphone Samsung And Moto have their own fan followings around the Globe and You are reading may be one of those fans, but this technology battle must be ended and companies work should work in their respective areas, no one copy to any other as all the companies share some of the world share on their part.
What are your own views is this technology battle to be ended soon?share your thoughts …

by salman zahid

INCPak Team.

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