Aankhon Ke Saagar Fuzon’s debut Song and Album – Video

Fuzon Band Started off its journey back in year 2001, I was part of the team myself back than I remember the struggle and the efforts from composition till naming the band, Emu ( Imran ) came up with his best compositions and no doubt Shafqat Amanat Ali made this band successful to start its voyage, with full throttle.

Back in 2000/2001 there were not many Computerized Recording Studios but This entire album Saagar was Recorded / Mixed / Mastered digitally ( DDD )  all though I know the facts and the realities behind how was it, but than again it always brings smile on my face =)

after every recording we used to make a CD and check it in my car CD player how does it sound, The actual mixing was way better than Sound Master messed it up, else I am sure most of the listeners would have experienced something beyond ever been done in Pakistan.

Saagar is debut Album by Fuzon and Track as well. it’s One of my favorite song


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