Aitzaz Ahsan Even Cant Read Surah Ikhlas Astagfirullah

This is shame for Pakistani people and society that we have a judiciary system where lawyers are unable to read / Recite This happened when Aitzaz Ahsan started and  broke the previous record of Rehman Malik in Recitation.

Well educated and Professionals don’t even know ABC of Quran Shareef then again – Proclaimed Muslims in public gathering recite completely wrong, There should be punishment because It’s insulting and Shamful for entire Nation which is known as  Islamic Republic Of Pakistan –

Unfortunately our Constitution is based on United Kingdom Ideology there’s no clause stating that If any of the senior Senate or Parliament member recites wrongfully will be punished and sent to jail – either don’t try to be over smart or know it well – If the brain isn’t capable of understanding Quran then I have no doubt in saying these so called Muslims aren’t following Islam at all nor Worshiping Allah –

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Aitazaz Hussain ney Galat Tilawat Krdi by f100000839540285

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