Australia (298) beats England (249) by 49 runs in the 5th ODI between England VS Australia held on 16 September 2013 at Rose Bowl, South Hampton. Watch complete match highlights and scorecard is also available on this post.

Man of the match is Shane Watson for his blistering 143 runs off 107 balls giving Australia an edge.

Man of the series is Michael Clarke.

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Click To Watch Eng VS Aus 5th ODI Highlights on ISCPAK
Click To Watch Eng VS Aus 5th ODI Highlights on ISCPAK
Click To Watch Eng VS Aus 5th ODI Highlights on ISCPAK


Australia innings (50 overs maximum)RMB4s6sSR
PJ Hughesc Carberry b Jordan21690022.22
AJ Finchc Morgan b Stokes2642326081.25
SR Watsonc †Buttler b Stokes143174107126133.64
MS Wadec †Buttler b Stokes011000.00
MJ Clarke*c Pietersen b Jordan75967610198.68
GJ Baileyst †Buttler b Root414140028.57
AC Vogesc †Buttler b Stokes812170047.05
JP Faulknerc †Buttler b Jordan1035190052.63
MG Johnsonc & b Stokes22200100.00
CJ McKayc Root b Rankin520160031.25
Fawad Ahmednot out42210200.00
Extras(lb 10, w 9)19
Total(all out; 49.1 overs)298(6.06 runs per over)
WB Rankin9.112612.83(1w)
CJ Jordan1005135.10(6w)
BA Stokes1006156.10
RS Bopara1005405.40
JC Tredwell403809.50
JE Root605819.66(2w)
England innings (target: 299 runs from 50 overs)RMB4s6sSR
MA Carberrylbw b Faulkner3053504060.00
KP Pietersenrun out (Fawad Ahmed/Hughes)021000.00
JE Rootb Johnson2162360058.33
EJG Morgan*st †Wade b Voges3056393076.92
LJ Wrightrun out (Bailey)041000.00
RS Boparac Voges b Johnson62100665093.93
JC Buttlerb Faulkner42533740113.51
BA Stokesc Clarke b Faulkner27432521108.00
CJ Jordanc Bailey b Watson1429251056.00
JC Tredwellnot out57410125.00
WB Rankinb Fawad Ahmed42400100.00
Extras(b 3, lb 5, w 6)14
Total(all out; 48 overs)249(5.18 runs per over)
CJ McKay915406.00
MG Johnson1012122.10(4w)
JP Faulkner903834.22
Fawad Ahmed705117.28
AC Voges402516.25(1w)
SR Watson905215.77(1w)


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