Eye to Eye Urdu Version ~ Survived last time; Try this…..

If you guys are still alive after watching the English version ( eye to eye ) of this songs, here’s the Urdu Version for you all.  I’ve already said enough about this song and comments says all, Just incase if you survived last time here’s another chance for you to commit a suicide this one surely gonna make it easier for you all to pull the trigger.

Again I was not able to hear this crap for more than a minute, so I thought why not torture you all as this song is not just horrible but it effects brain waves disturbance which causes DEATH and Destruction.

PLAY the Song at your own Risk ! INCPak is not liable any damage to your nervous system or your flat line………..


Here’s some more comments :-

Ainee Arif kill him before he sings another song

AymAwn Rajaw throw him out of dix planet

Zarr Myyn Ahtesham English kamm thee jo Urdu ka b stya naas krna???

Mubarra Sameen I am going to donate my eyes to a Blind man. I don’t need em anymore

Osama Rehman hahahha RIP Music..

Maryam Ahmed can i pull off his hair pls??


The List Continues on, It’s the Ultimate Death of Music, I mean come on its 2013  two thousand thirteen …  isn’t it……. RIP MUSIC …………….

Social Networks are Trolling with this smash hit, I am sure you guys are gonna download urdu version as well, It is the  best song to torture to death without using any weapon !


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