6-year old Hareem Fatima killed in kite flying incident

LAHORE: Hareem Fatima, a six year old lost her life today in a kite flying incident that took place in Sanda area of Lahore while she was riding on a motorcycle along with her parents when a kite string strangled her neck.

Hareem Fatima
6-year old Hareem Fatima killed in kite flying incident.

According to reports, Hareem Fatima was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar took notice of the incident and instructed that action be taken against those responsible.

The police SHO in Sanda was also suspended for failure to control kite flying in the area as it is not permitted.

In related news, there were also four other kite flyers arrested in different areas of the city including Johar Town and cases have been registered against the accused under the Kite Flying Act.

Kite flying is banned in the city for this very reason as it posses a threat to civilians since the way it is carried out.

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