Meera English Interview

The recent interview of Meera ( Pakistani Actress )  from Dubai in which she tells about the upcoming movies and activities.

Meera always explains things in very extraordinary way, never heard or seen her on screen with any usual activity like anyone else.  This time Celebrity ( Actress ) Meera’s Interview in Dubai which should have been in English but meera preferred mix plate.

Things seems like setting up with this struggling actress after divorce and X Rated videos ” Meera and Captain America ” which shocked Pakistanis, that happens to be the most wildest X Rated video and TV interview with Mr.Lucman explaining that it wasn’t Me but somebody was wearing My Mask .

Meera been in troubles many times but that is so obvious, you got invisible hands to protect you each time you get into trouble, but she’s always straving almost dying to come up with the most dynamic English.

This Interview is pretty decent ! But unfortunately 70% is in Urdu ..


The super power ” Shakti “  :/  she wants to fly ! that’s definitely not  ” Urdu ” at all.

She’s always unpredictive about her thoughts and English specially. You can expect anything from where, ain’t no doubt about it.

Meera as an actress isn’t successful figure in Pakistan but due to her weird acts she is well known among the people in Pakistan.

Thank God ! she did not modified and created new English word which doesn’t exist in Oxford Dictionary this time, lastly what I know about Meera that, Lahore High Court issued warrant but what happened to that Porn video case. ( Chapter closed )

Meera debuts with Main Akely Hoon movie, in lollywood later on jumped to bollywood re-bounced back to Pakistan. 


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