The Milestones Band Legacy is alive n’ Kickin – PYAS Video Remake

One of the most popular Pakistani bands of the 90s The Milestones may have wound up its act in 1995 but its music is still alive ! The legions of fans The Milestones acquired all over the world were surprised to see the defunct band relaunch a collection of best songs from its two albums in August 2012 under a new label Sound Mix .  Also available online

Though the band members Candy, Ziyyad and Ali Tim have gone into a hiding  since they called it quits to pursue other careers  but again The Milestones video of Pyas   launched in Aug 2013 on the internet raised  speculations that The Milestones may come back .
Ali Tim ,founding member and song writer of The Milestones confirmed that there will be never be a MS reunion . However to keep it’s legacy alive Ali Tim and Ziyyad launched the compilation CD of the band last year . The video of Pyas ( a song from The Milestones 2nd album  written and composed by Ali Tim in 1993 ) was also something that Ali Tim decided to make and launch on the internet .
“I want Milestones music to be remembered, I want people to listen to Candy’s beautiful voice and Ziyyad’s amazing musicianship on the albums .I’m sure that even after 23 yrs today they can relate to my lyrics and compositions I will probably make more videos” ,Ali Tim confirmed of his intentions & technical skills of a video maker!
Ali Tim , who has worked extensively with The Milestones , Aakash , Ali Haider , Hadiqa  and new comers to the field Alycia Dias and Schaz is hopeful that  pop Music Industry will  see its better days in the coming future . Tim a professional writer , musician , painter , artist has made 6  music videos in one year . His band mate Ziyyad Gulzar is a constantly churning out music with different artists , Bollywood movies and his personal band Ruskh whereas the lead singer Candy has kept a quite front in Canada . When asked about Candy’s silence , Ali Tim giggled ” Candy was always silent .Me , Ziyyad and Candy were best friends but she didn’t speak much anyways . We were like a fun family of three with one silent member”
Check out the Video

Pyas by The Milestones from Alitim on Vimeo.

 Guys here’s Track AAG Audio Just Play format  to give you an idea about this band and some of their best songs kick starting AAG which is my favorite, want music listener to know more about Milestones  : ) The Legecy of Milestones no doubt still alive n kickin..



The MileStones Band Official Facebook Page

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