Interior Minister Rehman Malik says illegal mobile SIMS are being used in terrorist activities across the country.

Talking to newsmen in Islamabad on Saturday‚ he said that terrorists want to weaken the national economy.

He said that due to closing of mobile services yesterday‚ no act of terrorism took place in Karachi and Quetta on the occasion of Eid Miladun Nabi.

The Interior Minister said that mobile phone companies have been directed to provide bio-metric system at their franchises upto 28th of next month to block issuance of illegal SIMS.

He asked customers to register their mobile sims by 1st of next month.Earlier speaking in the National Assembly on Seeratun Nabi [SAW]‚ Interior Minister Rehman Malik appealed to all the Taliban to renounce the violent path which is totally against the teachings of Islam.

He said Islam does not allow the killing of the innocent and those involved in such incidents are not Muslims.

He called upon the religious scholars of all schools of thought to propagate the path shown by Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad [SAW] for peace and security not only in Pakistan but in the entire world.



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