Pak Government websites hacked by ‘Anonymous’ #OpPakistan

Islamabad:  Dozens of   Government Official websites and sub-domains have been attacked by hackers known any Anonymous in retaliation against violence against protesters and media persons by the federal capital police last week. 

The hackers, who identify themselves with the hacktivist group Anonymous, claimed to have acted against over 35 Government Official websites in response to violence against protesters in Islamabad.

Hacktivist Group of Hackers known as ” Anonymous ” calls out for #OpPakistan retaliation against outrage by Islamabad police on Protesters


The Group of Hackers ” Anonymous ” are active on Twitter updating tweets, They have named this Operation ” #OpPakistan ”  Operation Pakistan.

The group said in a press release that they were cataloging the atrocities being committed in Pakistan.

Portals that were hacked included:

  • Pakistan Army (
  • Pakistan Air Force (,
  • Inter Services Public Relations (
  • Federal Investigative Agency (
  • Punjab Government (
  • Urban Unit (
  • Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (
  • Pakistan Electronics Manufacturers Association (
  • Provincial Disaster Management Authority (
  • Press Information Department (
  • Pakistan Meteorological Department (
  • National Institute of Electronics (
  • Federal Board of Revenue (

 Anonymous Hackers Official website is 

“We are cataloging the atrocities being committed in Pakistan. We will begin at once assisting the peaceful protesters in Pakistan with every tool and tactic at our disposal. And we will initiate the process of removing every vestige of the Pakistan government from the Internet and shutting down their communications network. And the Pakistani people will then remove this criminal regime from power and lock them in prison where they belong. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif you are hereby dismissed. You will leave power immediately. For the safety and security of your family we suggest that you depart Pakistan at once. This is your only warning.”

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