PM Imran Khan’s Second Address to Nation

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to address the nation today. According to information received PM Imran Khan’s Second Address to Nation will be aired at 7pm today.

PM Imran Khan’s Second Address to Nation
PM Imran Khan’s Second Address to Nation

Further the Government TV channel team has reached PM Secretariat for the recording.

PM Imran Khan’s first address to the nation was held on 19 August 2018.

Highlights of PM Imran Khan First Address

” Rule of law is the first way to reach at peak, our Prophet said that he would punish his daughter if deserved, our two caliphates appeared before the judges and made themselves accountable to public ”

” Zakat is the second thing we have to follow, this is tax in fact, this money is taken form the rich and offered to the poor. This is how the state of Madina emerged ”

” We shall auction all luxury vehicles and deposit money in national exchequer , no governor will stay in the Governor houses , this PM house will be turned into a University after consultation ”

” We have to increase our tax collection, I promise you all that I will reform FBR first of all, then I shall assure my public that I will protect your money. The austerity campaign will continue ”

” We have to increase our exports now, we shall bring investment in Pakistan with one window operation to eliminate their problems ”

” I urge my Overseas Pakistanis to send remittance via banks, make their deposits in Pakistani banks and support us ”

” Quick justice is another flaw we are facing, I shall sit with CJ and make amendments on national level that no case should prolong more than one year ”

” Police system must be rectified exactly like we did in KP, I have requested Nasir Durrani to be advisory in the Cabinet and make reforms in Punjab and Sindh Police ”

#” Govt schools standards would be improvised , we are making reforms about it but our 25M children must be brought back to schools including our children studying in Madrassahs to raise their standards ”

” Likewise our hospitals, our govt hospitals would be reformed though it is not a piece of cake, we did our best in KP and found results in the last year of our tenure. I have made a task force to rectify this system ”

” Bhasha Dam has become inevitable, we shall do every possible to collect money to construct Bhasha Dam, CJ has done splendid job on it already ”

” Improvement in Agri-research is also mandatory, we shall also help our farmers how can they increase their agricultural yields ”

” Reforms in our Civil Services is inevitable also, unfortunately, we have deteriorated our civil service making in politicized , I assure our civil servants that we shall support you but you have to cooperate me only for Pakistan ”

” Afforestation is my next destination, we shall plant billions of trees that would kill pollution and make Green Pakistan ”

” Wind and other forms of pollution must be eliminated also, so as the trash would be removed from everywhere as our Prophet said “cleanliness is half faith ”

” Tourism would be improved by opening new resorts, we shall begin with 4 new resorts annually, there is plenty of lush green areas , beaches, will be used to promote tourism ”

PM Imran Khan’s Second Address to Nation











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