Qmobile Noir A5 – Which apps works fine.

I had Qmobile Noir A5 for around 4 months, It has the same limited internal memory issue but nearly around 170 MB you have internal and by using Apps2Sd you can move the movable apps to SD Card easily, I was the first one to post Video Review of this mobile on Youtube as well as Noir A8,  some A5 users on my blog asked me to mention which apps works fine on the phone.

aaps which I was using

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Gtalk

– Whats app

– Skype for Audio Calls

– Yahoo with ( Yahoo Plug in ) for Video Calls

– Tango ( Video Calling )

– Tumblr

– LinkedIn

– Box

– Dropbox

– Minus

– Blottr

– Android Assistant  ( 18 Features )

– Pudding Camera

– Sygic Navigation GPS with Pakistan Maps

– Keep Safe

– TubeMate

– Qik Video

– Wikipedia

– Dolphin Browser HD  with Flash player plugin for live streaming

– Opera Mobile

– Viber


Now let me make it clear that, this phone is ARMv6 which does not support Video Calling but beside it Audio Quality is great, Viber worked Perfect on this even on GPRS it was like without any trouble, these days many are reporting issue ( Noir A6 Users ) which is Hardware issue due to which they aren’t able to use Viber properly ( Robotic Voice ) This problem didnt pop up in A5 nor in Noir A2 but A6 is having Sd Card Memory and Viber issue ( Reported ) . Most of the visitors asked me about the ROOTING Method, there is no safe method so far , I know some members on Sharing is Caring has Rooted the phone and ended up sending to Q Hospital so I wouldn’t suggest you to ROOT, about Rooting Read the Posts in Reviews ( what is Rooting , Advantages , Custom Rom ).  I compared Noir A5 with A2 , Display Size is better and display quality is 100 times better than Noir A2, Battery timing is normal if you are using GPRS or Wifi it will give you 4 hours, where as now Noir A8 lastly when got snatched unfortunately was giving me 8 Hours without any trouble. Noir A5 Android OS is 2.3 Ginger Bread and RAM is 256 so far I had a great time using this phone on most of the apps active all the time by using Android Assistant I was able to keep phone alive and not to get restarted because Android Assistant kills apps which arent in use.

Noir A5 users has the advantage of GPS which Noir A2 doesn’t have plus the Display Quality is way better than Noir A2, if you don’t have to make Skype Video Call I would suggest users to get Noir A5 which I think new one is discontinued but Read the post about Noir A6 since is has Poor GPS reception and very big confusion in Memory ( can’t save in SD card ) .

GPRS setting, 2.3 Ginger Bread has automatic procedure where it detects the Network settings means all you have to do is search and assign GPRS works fine as well as 20 Mbps Tested on wifi which is 2 Thumbs up.

Must Use app is Android Assistant on Noir A5 and Phone was so far way better than Noir A2.

Your queries and Comments, share over here I will be answering them !


Thank you,

Farhan Imaan


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  1. Dear Farhan, the picture you have shown for A5 is not A5 but some other phone. Kindly correct the picture.

    1. Same issue reported in Noir A6 and Noir A2 as well, it is the hardware issue, try to search previous version of Viber

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