Sindh Govt issues SOPs for Inter District Public Transport

KARACHI: The Sindh Government has decided to resume Inter District public transport service in Sindh to meet with the transportation needs of the general public according to a notification issued by the Sindh Transport and Mass Transit Department.

The Department has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Inter District Public Transport in Sindh and transporters are required to ensure that these are displayed at terminals.

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The following SOPs are to be strictly followed by transporters and general public:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of buses, terminals booking points and waiting areas.
  • Installation of sanitization gates on entrance / exit points of terminals.
  • Ensuring the hygienic environment in buses, at termini’s and start, and terminating points.
  • Observing social distancing during ticketing, boarding, travelling & alighting with minimum 3ft. distance.
  • Wearing mask and gloves is mandatory for all the passengers, drivers and conductors aboard.
  • Keep minimum baggage.
  • Ensuring the availability of masks and hand sanitizers is the responsibility of transporters in every bus.
  • Checking body temperature of every passenger including driver and conductor before boarding the intercity bus services.
  • Not allowing anyone with cough or fever to board the bus.
  • There should be 50 percent seating arrangement for the passengers with reasonable distance among them.
  • Ensuring ventilation of air by opening windows / ventilators.
  • Using rear door for boarding and front door for alighting.
  • If single door bus then allow passengers to alight first and board later.
  • Sneezing or coughing into elbow or tissue papers.
  • Installing dis-infecting / spraying gates at boarding places.
  • Marking the location of parking bays of buses.
  • Crowd management via deployment of additional / necessary staff and marking positions at the bus terminals.
  • Ensuing availability of soaps / sanitizers in public areas / toilets at terminals.

This is a copy of the notification issued regarding Inter Sindh Inter District Public Transport:

Sindh Inter District Public Transport
Page 1.
Sindh Inter District Public Transport
Page 2.

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  1. All these thing are just a foolish
    Dose understand in Holy month are Ramadan shareef stopped all kind of prayer and others after serdonly make problems given permitions in the last week of ramadan to open every thing.
    And now the main thing in the open area in karachi given permition of mandi without any restrecions of sop’s so its mean want and like to create problems of Corona petitions…….

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