WAAR Movie Review by INCPak Admin

WAAR  Movie Review By INCPak Admin 


INCPak finally arranged the somehow and sent the admin to watch the movie WAAR although the ticket was 450 Pakistani Rupees in actual but source works even in cinemas as well grabbed it for 350/- anyways movie’s review got nothing to do with this and over here on INCPak you won’t be getting usual typo review so read because we aren’t formal News source, INCPak deliver It, as expected !

Remember Admin went to watch but refused to write the review, so I ain’t the guilty for no reason.

Frankly the plot of at best was above average and predictable. It is about Indian’s agency RAW planing and funding terrorist attacks on Pakistan and on other side we have got Pakistani agency ISI. Indians send there secret ghost-op guy to initiate terrorist while on Shaan is called for his services as ghost-op. Ali Azmat is shown as upcoming Pakistani politician similar to Imran Khan. India have their agents in Pakistan as NGOs and hookers of politicians. <– O.o Really 
The Movie’s direction is excellent probably better than any movie in Indian and Pakistan. Same goes special effect, they are used as enhancement but not exaggerated that it looks unrealistic. Also sounds effect and background is as good as any good Hollywood movie. Also most of movie featured in English accent which sometimes looks unrealistic. And at many instances it features swearing word B*****f***, shit and etc. But they seemed unnecessary. Overall I will say it is the best movie in terms direction and special effect ever produced in India or Pakistan.
Now My turn after reading and knowing the review :D 
Sounds like this time Pakistanis kicked Indian ass after almost 4 decades being out of the box office, Indeed India and Pakistan Stories usually attract audience no matter it’s cricket or the movie infact, both nations are sick of each other and their deep frustration can be seen on the Big Screen as well, apart from Line of Control ( LoC ) . Pakistani Actor Shaan is die hard anti Indian movies, the only person who never even had a nightmare working in bollywood.
2013 been a lucky year for Pakistan where at the one end Zinda Bhaag is getting closer to the Oscar and WAAR smashed off some Express movie forgot the complete name :P
rest is upto you, Get a ticket and go watch the movie ……..

Starring: Shaan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Ayesha Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi. Directed by Bilal Lashari, Produced by Hassan Waqas Rana, Written by Hassan Waqas Rana, Music by Amir Munawar with Cinematography and Editing by Mr. Lashari. Released by Mandviwalla Entertainment and ARY Films. “Waar” is rated ‘A’ for sensuality and brief kick-ass action. The baddies die, obviously. So do you, at one point.
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