Honda bike prices increased – January 2021

As a new year’s gift, Atlas Honda has increased its motorcycle / bike prices for all models according to the circular issued by the company to its authorized dealers across the country. There has been a price increase of Rs. 2,000 for CD 70, CD 70 Dream and Pridor, while price CG 125 2021 model has been hiked by Rs. 1,600 and CG 125S-SE and CB125F-SE and CB150F price has seen a jump of Rs 3,000.

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Honda bike prices increased – January 2021

Pakistani Rupee is pretty much stable against US Dollar and floating around Rs. 160 for almost a month now with a huge improvement from Rs. 168 a few months ago but the automotive companies are constantly increasing prices in the name of new taxes imposed by the federal government leaving no opportunity to loot the customers.

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Previously, the increase in Honda motorcycle prices was seen in August. The following are the new prices:

Atlas Honda Bike Prices January 2021

CG-125S Special156,900159,5003,000
CB-125F SE187,500192,5003,000

The similar ripple effect is expected from Road Price, Yamaha, United Bikes and Unique in upcoming days as these companies have the same marketing department strategy across the country.

Honda CD70 2021 and Honda CG 125 2021 models were launched with a new sticker year and caught the market by storm as people only care about the cosmetic changes with no meaningful upgrades which should be introduced.


Until and Unless Pakistanis won’t boycott these companies they will keep on changing stickers and relaunching same specs models every year until the day of judgement.

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