New Yamaha YB125Z DX bike Launched in Pakistan

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has launched the new Yamaha YB125Z DX bike in Pakistan with some minor improvements over the older model.

New Yamaha YB125Z DX Launched in Pakistan. PIC CREDIT: Subhan Allah Corporation

The new Yamaha YB125Z DX bike (YBZ DX) will be offered in the same body style as the previous Yamaha YB125Z however, the new model will feature other improvements like the front ventilated disc brakes and alloy rims. On top of that, the bike will have a new sticker as well as a mud flap for the front fender.

New Yamaha YBZ DX in black. PIC CREDIT: Subhan Allah Corporation.

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Yahama YB125Z DX Price in Pakistan:

Yamaha YB125Z DX price in Pakistan is Rs. 163,500 which makes it a lot cheaper compared with the competition. The bike directly rivals the Honda CB-125F which is being sold for Rs. 185,500.

This makes the Honda CB-125F a whopping Rs. 22,000 more expensive and not just that, but the Yamaha YBZ DX 125cc is actually smoother in ride compared to its Honda counterpart because of the less engine vibrations.

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