Pak Suzuki Motorcycle Prices Increased [November 2020]

Pak Suzuki has once again increased it’s motorcycle prices starting 1st November 2020 according to a circular issued by the company to its dealers across the country.

Suzuki Motorcycle Prices, Suzuki Bike Prices
Pak Suzuki bike Prices Increased [November 2020].

The increase in Pak Suzuki bike prices has been introduced even though the USD to PKR rate in the country has been strengthening on a daily basis coming down to the lowest in months.

According to the circular, Pak Suzuki motorcycle prices have been increased by Rs. 3,000 for all variants except Gixxer 150 (GSX 150SF).

Pak Suzuki Motorcycle Prices:

Gixxer 150 (GSX 150SF)599,000599,000N/A

This new increase has already gone into effect starting November 1, 2020 according to the circular.

The increase comes at a time when everyone was excepting a slight relaxation in Pak Suzuki motorbike prices due to the positive currency exchange rate.

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