United Bike Prices Increased [August 2020]

After just one month United bike prices have been increased once again by the company following the constant devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar.

United Bike Prices, United Motorcycle Prices
United Motorcycle Prices Increased [August 2020].

United Auto Industries isn’t alone when it comes to increasing motorcycle prices as almost all other bike manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda and Pak Suzuki have already hiked prices.

United Bike Prices:

ModelRetail Price (Tax Exclusive) (PKR)Sales Tax (17%)Retail Price (Tax Inclusive) (PKR)
US-70 CC (STD)40,1716,82947,000
US-70 CC (Alloy Rim)44,4447,55552,000
US-70 CC (Special Person)76,92313,07790,000
US-100 CC (Special)44,0177,48351,500
US-100 CC (Plus)44,0177,48351,500
US-100 CC (Plus Alloy Rim)48,7188,28257,000
US-100 CC (Standard)41,4537,04748,500
US-100 CC (Standard Special)42,3087,12949,500
US-100 CC (Standard Alloy Rim)43,5907,41051,000
US-125 CC (EURO II)66,23911,26177,500
US-100 CC (Scooter)106,83818,162125,000

The new United bike prices will have gone into effect from 6 August 2020.

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