Yamaha unveils New Sticker of YBR 125 2021 Model [Pictures]

Keeping the trend alive, Yamaha Motors Pakistan has unveiled the new sticker of the stylish motorbike YBR 125 2021 Model now available in Market with the price tag of Rs 181,000 the price of this bike was increased in the month January and In April 2021 revised price hike, Yamaha Motors did not made any changes in the price of YBR 125.

So here’s the all new Yamaha YBR 125, 2021 Model with new stylish sticker, unfortunately these companies instead of innovation following the trend of changing Sticker design just to be recognized as the latest model bike.

Yamaha YBR 125 2021 Model Images

Yamaha YBR125 2021 Model Images (Click to Enlarge)
Yamaha YBR125 2021 Model Images (Click to Enlarge)

Yamaha Motorbike Prices hiked recently, Now the stylish YBR125G is being sold at Rs 197,000, YB125Z for Rs 169,000/- and YB125Z DX at 182,000/- meanwhile company did not updated about YBR125 variant prices which are expected to remain same.

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The next one is YBR 125G and YBR 125Z and YBR 125DX to get the new sticker which will be revealed after a month or so as company did not announce ‘The All New YBR 125’ which is mechanically and shape wise same as the previous one apart from the new sticker.

Yamaha bikes are very popular among the youth, these bikes are stylish and very comfortable as compared to the arch-rival Honda CG 125 and CG 125 Special Edition but still, Yamaha is unable to capture rural areas of Pakistan and Honda Motorcycles can handle the weight of an elephant easily meanwhile these delicate-looking Yamaha bikes are not rough and tough as Honda CG 125.

We can only hope that the public starts discouraging these Bike manufacturers by not buying these new stickers with high price tags, so they [Yamaha] introduce a whole new YBR125 bike in the Market.

At least Yamaha Introduced a couple of new bikes in the last few years giving tough competition to Honda CG 125 by Introducing YB 125Z DX really appreciate their efforts to put alloys and disc brakes.

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