Honda City 2020 launching soon and Honda Atlas plans

A new design of the Honda City was teased online by the company and the car is said to hit the Indian market in a couple of months time. The new Honda City 2020 gives the car a complete makeover when it comes to the exterior and Interior design of the car. For now, there is no confirmation as to when it will be launched by Honda Atlas in Pakistan.

Honda City.

The new Honda City 2020 model features new LED headlamps resembling those offered in Honda’s higher end models like Accord along with many new added features.

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The global debut of the new generation City took place in Thailand late last year. The Indian variant of the car however, will probably slightly differ in specs as that is common across different regions.

Honda City.

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According to photos, the Honda City 2020 has a new dashboard layout and there will likely be a new interface for the infotainment system that is likely to support the widely used Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The interior of the car is obviously expected to be more spacious than the previous generations.

Honda City.

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Honda Atlas plans for launching a new Honda City

As of right now there are currently no plans or official confirmation of a the new Honda City 2020 being launched by Honda Atlas in Pakistan or any other new City for that matter.

Rumors although say that Honda Atlas plans to bring the 7th generation Honda City directly in 2022 entirely skipping the 6th generation.

Honda City.

Although for now, Honda Atlas did launch a new variant of their Honda Civic called the Civic VTEC Turbo Oriel that is slightly cheaper with a few less features and a 1.5L VTEC turbo engine.

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On the competition’s side, Toyota Indus Motor Company in Pakistan is said to be launching Toyota Yaris this year and rumored to be replacing the 1.3L variants of their popular Toyota Corolla. The 1.6L and 1.8L variants of Corolla won’t be affected. However, the news is yet to be officially confirmed as well.

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