Hyundai Nishat Motor starts truck production in Pakistan

The Hyundai Nishat Motor Company announced that it has started production of their H-100 pickup truck. The company has taken this step despite the falling sales of the automobile industry due to current government policies.

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Hyundai Nishat Motor begins production of their H-100 truck.

Hyundai Nishat Motor has started the production of their H-100 pickup truck at their assembly plant in Faisalabad according to the company that stated:

With an annual production capacity of up to 15,000 units per annum in its initial phase, Hyundai’s manufacturing plant is now fully operational.

The company also said that this is just the start of the products that are to be made in Pakistan and more models will follow soon saying:

The HNMPL plant is the new production home for Hyundai’s first ‘Make in Pakistan’ product, the Porter H-100 Pickup, with other exciting range of models to follow in near future.

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According to Dawn, Hyundai Nishat Motor plans on producing 20-25 units of the truck per day in a one shift operation because of the current situation of the automobile market in the country.

However, the assembly plant is well capable of producing up to 50 units a day in two shift operations and the company says that if demand goes up they will launch a second shift to increase production.

There are also reports of Hyundai Nishat Motor launching three variants of passenger cars.

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The chief operating officer of Hyundai Nishat Motor Production Limited (HNMPL) said that the company is “proud to open a production facility in Pakistan.”

Further adding:

Now fully in operation, our new plant allows us to serve the transportation requirements of Pakistan’s market, with world class Hyundai’s product line that enjoys a strong legacy in the local market,

She also said that the company plans to make Pakistan a part of their global production saying:

In the longer run, we aim to make it a vital part of our global production network.

Although that will be very beneficial for the country, right now the current situation is dire as the automobile industry is going through a very bad crisis and sales have dropped by up to 60 percent.

As a result hundreds of people have lost their jobs because Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) and Honda Atlas have all slowed down or stopped production laying off hundreds of their employees.

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