Pak Suzuki to launch Wagon R AGS Variant in 2020

KARACHI: Pak Suzuki Wagon R AGS (Automatic Gear Shift) images confirm that the company is launching the new variant next year.

The news was circulating since August 2019 that Pak Suzuki might introduce the Automatic Transmission (AGS) variant of WagonR soon, However, it was unclear when exactly.

The new variant of Wagon R will be no different than the existing one except for Automatic Transmission also known as Automatic Gear Shift (AGS) according to Pak Suzuki. There will be no cosmetic changes in the upcoming Suzuki Wagon R 2020 model.

The Latest Images of Wagon R AGS 2020 Model

Pak Suzuki to launch Wagon R AGS Variant in 2020
Pak Suzuki to launch Wagon R AGS Variant in 2020
Pak Suzuki to launch Wagon R AGS Variant in 2020
Pak Suzuki to launch Wagon R AGS Variant in 2020

Wagon R manual transmission was one of the best selling hatchback vehicles before the Prices increased since the new PTI Government took office.

Pak Suzuki had to temporarily suspend the production of some vehicles after the new government increased taxes and the US dollar jumped almost 35%.

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Later on, Pak Suzuki introduced the New Suzuki Cultus manual and AGS variant in 2017 with a similar engine as Wagon R, However, at that time company ignored to upgrade existing Wagon R with Automatic transmission.

Meanwhile, KIA launched Picanto to compete with Suzuki Cultus in the 1000cc category, KIA Picanto offers better features and built quality as compared to its competitor.

Wagon R Manual Transmission Price

Since a year the prices of vehicles have increased almost up to 40% higher, The price of Wagon R VXL Manual Transmission used to be Rs 1,240,000/- which is now Rs 1,625,000 ex-factory price.

Wagon R AGS Expected Price

The upcoming Wagon R AGS (Automatic Transmission) price is expected to be Rs 1,750,000/- as Suzuki Cultus AGS holds the slot in Rs 1,975,000/- the company will try to fill up the slot between 1.7 million to 1.8 million pakistani rupees.

Wagon R manual Transmission gained the popularity in the market after Uber and Careem cab-hailing services started in Pakistan, due to decent cabin space and fuel economy wagon R became the best selling vehicle in Pakistan in 2016 and 2017 in 1000cc category.

The company launched Wagon R Manual Transmission in 2014 and since then there hasn’t been any upgrade till now, Pak Suzuki has not announced the expected date of launch however the new Wagon R AGS 2020 Model is being tested.

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