Road Prince revised Motorcycles prices [March 2020]

LAHORE: Road Prince Motorcycles and Rickshaws manufacturer revised the prices of motorbikes from 7th March 2020.

The notification circular issued to all the dealerships across the country states that new prices are effective from 7th March 2020.

Road Price revised Motorcycles prices [March 2020]
Road Prince bike prices revised.

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Road Prince revised Motorcycles prices

SR#MODELRetail Price Ex Sales TaxSales TaxRetail Price IN Tax
170CC Regular Bike39316668446000
270CC Passion Plus Bike45299770153000
370CC Classic 41880712049000
4110CC Complete Bike43162733850500
5110CC Complete Bike44017748351500
6110CC front portion (ALLOY RIMS)42735726550000
7110CC front Portion40598690247500
8110CC Special Edition 43162733850500
9125CC Bike653851111576500
10WEGO 150CC Bike18376131239215000
11ROBINSON 150CC Bike19658133419230000
12RX3 – 250CC Bike41880371197490000

Recently Atlas Honda and Yamaha Motors Limited hiked the prices of motorbikes.

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