Toyota Corolla new premium colors, free registration by IMC

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) seems to be on the right track recently by introducing offers and discounts for its loyal customers. Toyota Corolla new premium colors along with free registration have been introduced by the company.

Toyota Corolla Premium Colors Toyota Free Registration Prince Pearl IMC Indus Motor Company
Corolla XLi MT new premium colors introduced by IMC along with free registration offer.

With the recent crisis the automobile sector is going through in Pakistan, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) is working hard to attract more customers by introducing new offers.

IMC has now come out with three new premium colors for the Toyota Corolla XLi manual variant.

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Toyota Corolla new premium colors:

  • Super White
  • Graphite Grey
  • Silver Metallic

Along with the new colors, the company is offering free registration to the first 200 customers who make a a Corolla XLi with these new premium colors.

Customers can book their new Toyota Corolla XLi with the premium colors at any authorized 3S dealerships of Indus Motor Company (IMC)

This isn’t the first time IMC is coming out with such offers as the company is now focusing on getting new business through these promotions. Just recently IMC introduced a free battery and heater checkup for Toyota cars.

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In other Toyota related news, Reports say that Indus Motor Company is now planning on discontinuing the Toyota Corolla 1.3L variants and replacing them with the new Toyota Yaris sedan. Although this news isn’t confirmed yet.

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On the other hand, despite the auto industry crisis, new competition is emerging and this is what might have been needed in the first place.

Regal Automobiles have just launched their Prince Pearl hatchback car for Rs. 1,049,000 with loads of features for the price.

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Booking details and information has been released and bookings are now open for Prince Pearl at all authorized Prince Dealerships across the country.

You can look at our post explaining the booking of the car and compiled list of all Prince dealerships in Pakistan.

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