Yamaha unveils YBR 125G 2020 Model with new Sticker

LAHORE: Yamaha Motors launched YBR 125G 2020 Model with a bold new graphics design (Sticker) only meanwhile rest of the technical specification of the motorbike remains the same.

Yamaha unveils YBR125G 2020 Model with new Sticker
Yamaha unveils YBR125G 2020 Model with new Sticker

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Yamaha earlier launched YB 125Z 2020 Model with a new sticker and all down-shift gears to compete with Honda CG125 which is highly appreciated by family commuter bikers.

However, YBR 125G trends as the sports crossover budget-friendly sport look motorbike which is cheaper than the rival Honda CBF125.

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Dat Biker Dude (Aqeeq Ansari) shared his opinion about new Yamaha YBR125G graphics design (Sticker) Yamaha Motors did not make any technical changes in the motorbike. The Specs are similar to the 2018/2019 model.

“So Yamaha Motors Pakistan has just released the 2020 Model of their well selling YBR 125G with new Graphics. Here’s a brief overview of the bike and what, if any changes have been made as compared to the 2019 model.” – Aqeeq Ansari (Dat Biker Dude)

The Price of Yamaha YBR 125G is Rs 160,000/- in Pakistan.

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