BBC documentary against Nawaz Sharif’s corruption

EXCLUSIVE BBC’s Documentary On Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption, The History of this documentary is not based on 2013 but specially with his first term as a Prime Minister of Pakistan, How this wealthy businessman made his place in the politics and became the game changer, In Zia ul Haq era he was Chief Minister of Punjab and somewhat before that, just a minister.

What we found strange when we searched ¬†GOOGLE we couldn’t find a single document related to this documentary which is shocking, that is one reason Youtube is banned in Pakistan and God only know what else they are hiding but they really don’t want ordinary Pakistani to reach out to those evidences and get to know the reality.

The List Of Prime Minister Of Pakistan 1947-2018 [Interesting Facts]

Watch this investigative report by BBC on ¬†corruption of Nawaz Sharif’s family,the documentary is called

From Pakistan to Park Lane


Let’s face it, the majority of the politicians in Pakistan are corrupt, infact they are the most corrupt people in the history of Pakistan, whereas none of them got sentenced for these charges, instead same person becomes the Prime Minister again and then we hear that our Judiciary is Independent, From where?

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