Love Live Pakistan – Video Documentary

Pakistan – This two-hour documentary on the creation of Pakistan. It is the most up-to-date documentary overview of this region that you’re likely to find. Nearly all of it is in English and it’s powerful footage.

Naturally, a nation as complex as Pakistan has a huge array of entrenched viewpoints on its past — and its contemporary figures as well. No one would argue that this film will satisfy all viewers who understand Pakistan — but it does seem to steer an accurate middle course through most of these 60 years of tumultuous events.

Note that this film, of course, was finished before the death of Benazir Bhutto — and she does appear in this film, giving her side of the story, but her recent death is not mentioned. Also — the nearly half an hour of additional footage is well worth watching in this case. Don’t miss the remarks of journalist Steve Coll, who talks much more extensively in the supplemental materials.

Love Live Pakistan

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