Telecom imports fall 1.83 percent

The imports of telecom sector related items into the country fell by 1.83 percent in first 10 months (July-April) of current fiscal year (2015-16) as compared to same period of last year.

The telecom imports decreased to $1.1579 billion during the period July-April (2015-16) from $1.18 billion during same period of the year 2014-15.

According to latest data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), on month-on-month basis, the telecom imports also fell by 9.38 percent from $122.201 million in March,2016 to $110.715 million in April 2016.

On year-on-year basis, the telecom imports however posted a growth of 1.84 percent as it went up to $110.715 million from $108.713 million in April, 2015.

The import of mobile phone during first 10 months of current year posted a growth of 6.64 percent from $595.778 million last year to $635.342 million during the period of current fiscal year.

On year-on-year basis the mobile phone import increased from $56.196 million in April, 2015 to 62.059 million thus showing a growth of 10.43 per cent.

However on month-on-month basis the mobile phone import posted a negative growth of 18.44 per cent as the import during the month of March, 2016 was recorded at $76.094 million.

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