US Dollar forecasted to reach Rs.104 in 2 months

Pakistani Rupee strengthening against US Dollar since General Election 2018 result started coming, The confidence in market is visible as PSX (100 Index) scoring high as compared to previous months.

100 Index - +679.29
100 Index – +679.29 on 28th july 2018

US Dollar has dropped almost Rs.6 in open market within 4 days US dollar being traded at Rs. 127.5, which later in the day went down to be traded at Rs. 123.5.

As US Dollar continues to decline according to our sources, US Dollar forecasted to reach Rs.104/- PKR.  by within 2 months as PTI led government’s first priority is to stabilize the economy and strengthen Pakistani Rupee.

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July 28th on Saturday US dollar traded at the rate of as low as Rs 123.5 in the open market.

The currency market is now witnessing the trend in which the US dollar is losing its worth against Pakistani rupee, and there is abundant trading of US dollar in the open market.

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