By closing your eyes, Reality won’t change – Pakistani Media and Kashmir

The Sad Reality and It’s really hard to believe that, Pakistani media didn’t give much attention to the incident which discriminate Islam, Indian Border Security Forces tore and stepped over Holy Quran and in result nearly 10 Kashmiris lost their lives and almost 60 got injured when Indian forces opened fire on them.

 Remember PTV News days at 9 PM ? The  first news used to be about Indian Occupied Kashmir, where as now I don’t hear the news about Occupied Kashmir from any local media channels, why? Issue has been resolved? No actually because nobody buys the truth, there aren’t any buyers, only the smash hit Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad , Rawalpindi, Peshawar , Faisalabad and some other cities are highlighted rest of the Pakistan, Media people don’t even count them.

Seems like neither the Pakistani Government nor the Pakistan Army is interested in resolving the Kashmir issue, well atleast Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could have condemned it on the media, right in front of the nation and was hoping media played it’s part as well, but guess what, nothing as such happened, I am sure majority of Pakistanis don’t even know what’s wrong over there. Alright give me an example of such incident in Pakistan where Army or Police went inside The Temple and tore Geeta? Hindus are Minority in Pakistan? Correct me if I am wrong, but no such incident ever happened over here, means we are atleast not mentally disordered as Indian Forces, we respect each other’s belief  – Some of you might say how about the Churches and tearing Bible – well I personally condemn it and this is not a civilized way at all, now media showed that incident on Local Channels but same Media Channels did they showed what has happened there? No… Not at all.

When The Boston Bombing took place entire world focuses on it, when Karachi / Lahore / Peshawar / Quetta Bombing or killing happens our Local Media is the frontier to claim first one to break the story,  what about the Kashmir Ramban ?, Why no attention !

By closing our eyes, reality won’t change – that’s for sure, believe it or not, It doesn’t matter Hindu, Christian or Muslim but media should be playing it’s part being unbiased, Journalism is hell of a responsibility, These Private channels must learn and understand rather then portraying themselves as innocent and unaware.

The way Pakistan media has shown ignorance to this specific region which is considered as long lost Part of this Nation, I must openly say to all Media folks ! Shame on you all. I am Pakistani as well and I will keep digging your graves until you are not vanished from the surface of my pureland, You are the one disguising the youth and the people, by showing what you can sell not with the truth.

I mean I don’t get the logic how much bribe is enough to fill your dirty stomach and what intention you hold, but seriously its so disgusting.

INCPak was the first one to publish this news from Pakistan, to bring this incident in the sights of Pakistanis as well as visitors from other countries – Journalism and Reporting should be based on factual accords and yes I personally followed the lead all the way from day one and I will be continuing to cover this story as well as others from Kashmir.

Its not about Kashmir only but fear the justice of the one you have not seen yet, instead of the justice which you can buy, trust me bribe won’t work there and Allah knows your intentions. – Keep Ignoring

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