Who created TTP ? The True Story Exposed

Now days many peoples have misconceptions that Tehrik E Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was created by ISI ( Inter Service Intelligence ) and Pakistan Army but to understand this story you have to back in 80s  when Soviet Union entered their forces into Afghanistan. The Soviets wanted to reach Indian Ocean ” Warm Waters ” since they have no access to it, their motive was invading Afghanistan and entering into Pakistan from Balochistan reaching till the destination, but it all went in veins.

Back In these days not only Pakistan but Several countries got involved and sent their Jihadi’s known as Mujaheedins  from all over the world to fight against Soviets, In this United States was among the first one to provide backing and funding, to stop Soviet from reaching it’s goal,   Jihadi’s came from the Middle east and and fought against the soviets, after soviets backed off and left Afghanistan.

Jihadist settled in Pakistan in different cities mostly in Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and waziristan and they are named as ” Arab Afghan ” they speak Arabic and live in Pakistan.

The Enemies of Pakistan been spreading lies  all over the world that TTP was created by ISI and Pakistan Army created but in short truth must prevail,

There is a difference in  TTP and  Taliban ( Back in 80s known as Mujhadeens,

Pakistan’s Role in Afghanistan :-

Pakistan Army and ISI created only Jihadi’s ( known as Mujaheedin for  The Afghan WAR against Soviets not TTP. Infact Osama Bin Qadin was the creation on CIA  United States, who played vital role in Afghan-Soviet War. In that time there was no sign of TTP at all.

United State backed Zia-ul-Haq ( Army Chief and President in 80s to form such force off, Pakistan Army which can fight with Soviets, but that cause was to save Afghanistan nothing more.

The 6 peoples group which was created by ISI and Pakistan Army was commanded by 6 Peoples who were 1. Gulbadeen Hikmatyar 2. Ustad Raisani 3. Ustad Saiyaf 4. Ustad Rabani 5. Muhammad Nabi Mujadadi 6. Pir Gilani ” Gulbadeen Hikmatyar , Ustad Raisani , Ustad Saiyaf , Muhammad Nabi Mujadadi , Pir Gilani ” .

These were 6 peoples who were handling their groups to do jihad against Soviets in Afghanistan and now not only one person from this group is fighting against Pakistan or is included in TTP. these are the biggest lie which media tell about ” who created TTP ” Not only single person from this committee is included in TTP then why media is saying that TTP was created by the ISI and Pakistan Army why to lie ?

Abdullah mehsood formed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan in 2004 and raged war against Pakistan, Abdullah Mehsood the one which was caught and kidnapped by Guantanamo bay and was trained by Americans to fight against Pakistan and he did first attack on Chinese by kidnapping the 2 Chinese Eng in Pakistan and killed them. Every one knows the role of india in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan their each and every media is taking money from india and displaying Anti-Pakistani Content this is the main reason that Afghanistan brothers have started hating Pakistan. Any attack in Afghanistan is caused by any terrorist group and their sold media blame on Pakistan’s ISI.

It’s not new about United States that they use anyone for their own cause, after which they assassinate him or make him against others.

Also keep in mind that in earlier we have seen a fight between the TTP themselves that Group ” Khalid Sajnah ” fought  with TTP and after stated the statement ” we do not want to fight with Pakistan but TTP forced us and TTP is taking Weapons from India ” Says Khalid Sajnah Group.

This is the truth which is in front of you ! that who created TTP, as Pakistan only created those jihadi’s who are now not involved in any Anti Pakistani Propaganda not in TTP “

By :  Ahmed Mehtab

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  1. Ahmed mehtab ne TTP k bare me mukamil jhoot likha he is ko asal haqaiq ka koi pata nahi he agar america be Abdullah mahsood ko Pakistan se larne k ley tayyar kia to esi Pakistan ki dosti bhi to america hi k sath lion he

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