Daraz.pk selling condoms and sex products Online !

Looking for condoms? or some other sex related or similar sex enhancing product? Don’t look any further as Daraz.pk is selling these items in bulk with wide variety available online and delivering at your doorstep – possibly before you need them the most.

From regular condoms to flavored and even edible ones, Daraz.pk has a huge variety on their site. Some products also include vibration rings, delay sprays, breast and penis enlargement creams and so on.

Daraz.pk has turned wild, next thing to expect from Daraz.pk is 50% discount on Sex Toys in year 2020.

Daraz Mega Sex Sale 2020 

Buy Condoms Online in Pakistan - Daraz.pk
Buy Condoms Online in Pakistan – Daraz.pk ( google search result )

Breast Cream Enlargement? Seriously…

Daraz.pk selling Breast Cream Enlargment
Daraz.pk selling Breast Cream Enlargment
Daraz.pk offers Delayed Penis ring
Daraz.pk offers Delayed Penis ring

Condoms at your Doorstep -_-

Daraz.pk selling condoms online
Daraz.pk selling condoms online

First off,  selling condoms is not the main issue here. People should have access to birth control. The major issue is that most of the other enhancement products as Breast enlargement creams and these so called delayed sprays are dangerous.

They are untested products from unknown companies that instead of doing what they’re advertised for can in turn cause irreversible harm to the user.

And The serious concern is anyone can order online there’s no age restriction since ILOVEAPP code is popular among minors and youth. Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan selling Sex Products like this is -_-



  1. Why you think it is bad? or it is considered as breaking news?
    In all progressed countries its easily accessible, the only difference is that they are educated for right things. We should put our part in educating our children instead of blaming.

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