Employment Opportunities Created by Uber and Careem

The unemployment ratio in Pakistan is too high due to which majority of graduates are jobless and eventually they  ends up on drugs. I would like to thank Uber and Careem  cab service for providing an opportunity to our youth.

Well dressed and literate youth saying goodbye to drugs and getting in Air conditioned cabins driving across Karachi, day and night – According to my assessment both companies have bright future and people have positive feedback about there service.

Smartphones enabled our youth to stand on their feet, least they can support themselves easily, Uber driver gets  20,000/- per month meanwhile CAREEM varies from 18,000 to 22,000/- both companies are offering bonus on weekly and monthly basis, Respectively.

Although there are various Cab services in Karachi such as ( Radio Cab, White Cab, Metro Cab, Vintage and U-Ride ) but Uber and Careem are on top due to accessibility and availability.

Good thing is, both are growing and expanding their network, lastly when I visited Uber head office in P.E.C.H.S they told me 18,000 in total registered vehicles in Karachi whereas the target is 180,000/- plus which means they are hiring and registering new vehicles as well as new drivers.

On the other hand CAREEM office at Khayaban-e-jami, DHA – they have stopped registering Business Class – The batch is full meanwhile Economy and Go class both are available to recruit. CAREEM used to hire your vehicle and pay you fixed amount however after Uber showed up in Karachi they changed their policy.

2 more companies are preparing to start off in Karachi by 2017 and they are busy doing there homework, mainly target would be working class ladies and gents, pick and drop service and also cooperates.

It’s good to see these companies are helping our society and shaping a better future. Currently Uber Services are available in Lahore and Karachi where as CAREEM exists in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi in near future expanding it’s circle in Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Gujrawala.

Hopefully our youngsters will get more opportunities in future, since the competition in the job market is tough for both male and female candidates lets see when and how soon we will see female drivers for Uber and Careem and the likes.


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