The Future of Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls Nawabshah

What the future holds for Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls, Nawabshah, only time will tell. Till than one can only hope for the best as the life and future of little girls is in the hands of the people managing the institute.

Hats off to Balktawar Bhutto Zardari for taking the initiative and starting the first cadet college  for girls in Pakistan. Certainly history is made and as long as the college is, her name will be remembered. Baravo, brave daughter of brave mother!

Bakhtawar Cadet college NawabshahA much needed cadet college for girls has been started in Nawabshah and at the right time. The vision of every cadet college is to train young minds into becoming future leaders of a nation. Well, just having a vision is not enough, the management that is responsible to carry out and implement the strategies to reach the desired goals and results matters the most. The people running this institute on daily basis such as principal, vice principal, faculty, etc.  is now responsible to give this cadet college a desired shape.

I have over seventeen years of work experience and out of which 5 to 6 years are related to different educational fields. Been part of pioneering team and been part of the management. I very well know how the institutes struggle, how they succeed and how they fail.

A selfless team is needed , that will work sincerely and with dedication tirelessly day and night, without which every effort is fruitless. Education is the most precious and beautiful profession, especially when  one knows they are responsible for their tomorrow. Their success and failure will have your part in it.

But somehow I have my doubts when it comes to Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls. I have reasons to believe that the management of this college has fallen into wrong  hands, knowingly or unknowingly.

Hundreds of applications were received for the vacant post of the vice principal, last date for them to received the applications was 18th July 2016. The cadet college offers accommodation to staff, hostel for single and for family a separate family accommodation. There for being single for the post wasn’t the pre requisite nor it was mentioned in the advertisement published that only single ladies are eligible for the post of vice principal.

Bakhtawar Cadet college Nawabshah

I was one of the candidates for this post, I was short listed for the interview, at the time when I sent my application I was single. I was called for the interview in the month of November. When I went for the interview I informed them that I will be getting married soon and if selected for the post I will  be needing a family accommodation. It was all said and done and they said I will get the family accommodation if selected.  I was recommended for the post, almost selected as I qualified as the experienced and competent candidate. As the principal himself said that i was the most eligible candidate out of all.

First January I got married and I was contacted by the principal  few days after I had gotten married, he asked if I was willing to join to which I said I was very much willing to. Then he asked if I had gotten married yet or not. I informed him that I was married. After hearing this he started questioning me and telling me that since you are married now you will not be able to give proper and full attention to your work, your priorities have changed now, married women have this issue and that issue and started confusing me on the phone, to which I said I have full support from my husband and I will come with full dedication and sincerity. From July 18 2016 ( last date for applying) till the college started in May I was  fully confused and felt like I was being disqualified for getting married. I did mention this to the principal that being married is not a crime and it wasn’t mentioned any where that the post was only for the single female. Any ways he said now they have found some one single and coming through some higher source who will not have to worry about home and husband. He also mentioned that her application has been forwarded by the board of directors and  She will be 24 hours dedicated to the college. To which I asked will you fire her if she gets married? To which the response I got was “No she has said now she will not get married as she is in her forties and blah blah blah”

So this is how someone who qualified and almost selected gets disqualified. What was the use of publishing for the vacancy announcement if everything had to be done through source and merit means nothing nor experience and qualification matters. Later on I found out through some source that the principal has appointed his ex widowed girl friend for the post. Definitely she will not get married now and absolutely she will give 24 hours of dedicated time.

I hope she is qualified and competent as well. When personal means gets in the way, institutes fall. People at Nawabshah have already got a story that principal has appointed his ex-girl friend. I hope it is all wrong. After all it’s the life and future of little girls at stake. What kind of environment will these 8th graders be receiving. What kind of future, what kind of message and what kind of leaders is this Cadet College is hoping to produce?

It’s never too late to open up eyes, things can be changed and corrections made. Please do not corrupt the education of this nation. Do not kill the dreams of little girls. They are too young they don’t know what’s right and wrong. They will only know what is being instilled in their minds. Please have mercy for Allah’s sake.



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