Girl in Burqa sexually harassed in broad daylight

Sexual harassment in Pakistan is a serious problem and while many misogynistic men start victim blaming women over dressing, the truth is that even a girl in burqa / hijab can be sexually harassed in broad daylight.

Most people argue that if a girl is properly dressed according to Islamic values, she won’t have to face sexual harassment but that could not be farther from the truth.

The problem isn’t how most girls dress but actually the the corrupt mindset of the frustrated men in our society and this issue can never be resolved as long as the mindset remains unchanged.

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Lets take a look at the pictures below clearing showing a girl in a burqa being sexually harassed by a passerby on a motorcycle and that too in broad daylight without any fear whatsoever.

Girl in Burqa / hijab sexually harassed in broad daylight.

By looking at these pictures we can clearly see that the girl is wearing a burqa while walking on the street minding her own business but still she was the victim of sexually harassment by a complete stranger passing by on his motorcycle while most people in Pakistan continue to argue that it’s always the women’s fault.

Right now, the man is sexually harassing girls and in the future he may end up actually raping them when he can no longer control his frustration and when that happens to a girl who happens to be wearing jeans then everybody will start pointing fingers at the victim.

Most misogynistic men forget that their argument is only one sided because if Islam orders women to cover up, it also orders men to lower their gaze but alas we live in a male dominant society where people with these mindsets are the biggest hypocrites.

All women deserve respect regardless or their dressing or social status and nobody has any right to sexually harass or even touch her even if she isn’t wearing a hijab or burqa.

A large segment of people in Pakistan resort to victim blaming and these people are actually much worse as they feed the egos of such aggressors and rapists while giving them an excuse to continue their sex crimes against women.

No women in her right mind wakes up in the morning and dresses up hoping to be sexually harassed or raped while going about her routine and people need to stop protecting these criminals.

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Pakistani man says being raped is woman’s own fault

Here we bring you the perfect example of a misogynistic Pakistani male with a very poor mindset (probably the worst I’ve seen) as this man straight up victim blames all the women who experience sexual harassment in Pakistan and this includes girls as young as two years old.

When the man was interviewed by a female reporter and asked his perspective over the escalating rape and sexual harassment cases in Pakistan, he straightaway pointed fingers towards the reporter’s attire saying that those types of outfits are the prime reason for rapes.

According to his logic, if woman go out in public dressed like this, rapes are bound to happen as the man if left with no other choice but to enact his sexual desires and calm his frustration.

It is pertinent to mention that the news reporter was dressed very modestly as can be seen in the attached video below and when she asked the man further questions regarding girls as young as two years old getting raped, the defender of rapists stood by his statement.

As long as people like that man exist, as long as that mindset remains, we can never improve as a society and these issues will continue to haunt us everyday.

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